HISTORY 12-Section 4

Group 1: Marx’s Manifesto: Leading Russia from Serfdom to Industrialization
Members: Laura Arboleda, Patrick Logan

Group 2: The Growth of Radical Parties in Russia
Members: Alex A., Anna Lucia

Group 3: Lenin
Members: Aman Bhayani, Lauren Murtland

Group 4: Seeds of Revolution (1905)
Members: Natalie Croll, Grant Ouellette, Nima Niknam

Group 5: WW1 and the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Members: Jamie Cruikshank, Trevor Martin

Group 6: 1917 Revolution
Members: Connor Grisbrook, Stacey Sole

Group 7: Russian Civil War
Members: Augustus Oicle, Ali Vanderkruyk, Rachel Waterworth

Group 8: The Power Struggle for Leadership: Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky
Members: Aileen Moroney, Jon Tucker

Group 9: USSR’s Economic Transformation under Stalin
Members: Tate Gibson, Nevada Buchanan

Group 10: The Price the Soviet Paid: Stalin’s Reign of Terror
Members: Graeme McGuffe, Jennifer Whyte