Welcome Section 4 Class!

For the next week or so, this little webpage is going to be where you are posting your information. If you had a chance to watch the tutorial video on the main information page (which is located on the tool bar on the left side), you will see that linking is a pretty easy process. However, with that said, it is very important to double check that you are linking to the right place. You do not want to be sending your students all over place.


The process itself is quite simple. Once you have signed in, your group will enter your respected wikipage, based on the section you are enrolled in. You simply select New Page, and copy and paste your assignment from Microsoft Word, or whatever program you have used. We want the links on the side tool bar to beconcise and easy to follow. Thus, we will use a universal system. Simply, if you are BOBBY, CINDY, AND PEGGY SUE, and you did Group 2 "Rise of Radical Parties in the Soviet Union," then you are page title should be:

Group 2- Rise of Radical Parties in USSR

Be sure to include the names of the authors/researchers of the group within the article itself.

Finally, this has to be reinforced. Double check your linking. Imagine the embarrassment of Bobby, Cindy, and Peggy Sue, if instead of linking to their assignment, it linked to Twitter. That would have a terrible impact on your linkage mark.


Be sure to remember that if you wish to wish to include videos and photos in your project (make sure they are cited) it is quite easy to do it here; the tutorial video will explain that process. Photos can be placed directly into your article, and if you wish to provide an external link for a related video (perhaps on Youtube for example) feel free. JUST REMEMBER, like in Wikipedia, that the reader makes the choice whether or not to watch those videos or view these photos. The most important information is the written work you provide, so do not expect lots of external links to videos elsewhere to represent your own work. It is someone else's, and merely included for the sake of context, or perhaps reinforcing your own research.

NOTE: If you have questions/comments, there is a discussion board regarding various topics on Mr. Torres homepage. This will act as a forum for all 4 sections, but keep in mind every aspect of linkage in this assignment, is kept within your own classrooom.

Here is a link to that discussion board. It can also be found as a tab at the top of the main home page.